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Financial Data Science with SAS

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Название: Financial Data Science with SAS
Автор: Babatunde Odusami
Издательство: SAS Institute Inc.
Год: 2024
Страниц: 544
Язык: английский
Формат: epub
Размер: 21.4 MB

Explore financial Data Science using SAS.

Financial Data Science with SAS provides readers with a comprehensive explanation of the theoretical and practical implementation of the various types of analytical techniques and quantitative tools that are used in the financial services industry. This book shows readers how to implement data visualization, simulation, statistical predictive models, Machine Learning models, and financial optimizations using real-world examples in the SAS Analytics environment. Each chapter ends with practice exercises that include use case scenarios to allow readers to test their knowledge.

There are academic programs such as Computer Science, Data Science, mathematics, and statistics that have a formal curriculum for those interested in pursuing a career in Data Science. There are also many data scientists who are self-taught as well as domain experts who pick up the skills along the way to enhance their functional knowledge of their business domain. Therefore, it is quite possible that we might see a reversal in the future where the data scientists are the domain experts working alongside a team of citizen data scientists who use Data Science techniques regularly, although their primary job function is not Data Science. This textbook is written for such professionals. It aims to provide professionals and students in graduate and advanced undergraduate programs with a rigorous foundation on the different types of Data Science tools in use in the financial services industry. The book is based on the SAS Analytics Platform, which provides end-to-end solutions for Data Science applications across all disciplines.

Machine Learning harnesses the power of advanced computing, statistical programming, and Big Data to achieve these outcomes. Predictive analytics has grown to encompass the use of a wide range of statistical algorithms, data modeling techniques, and Artificial Intelligence applications such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Designed for university students and financial professionals interested in boosting their Data Science skills, Financial Data Science with SAS is an essential reference guide for understanding how Data Science is used in the financial services industry and for learning how to use SAS to solve complex business problems.


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